Demi Moore seeks attention- Britney’s way

We all know that for this season ‘showing off lingerie’ was a fashion faux pas. That is why I guess celebrities have sort out a new way to attract attention; by showing off their private parts or getting a nipple slip every week. That’s the mantra…

The British Bombshells

The British Bombshells

Anna Friel,
Anneka Rice,
Anna Walke,
Caroline Munro,
Catherine Zeta Jones,
Diane Todd,
Elizabeth Hurley,
Imogen Stubbs,
Jane Seymour,
Jenny Agutter,
Jenny Powell,

Consanguineous marriages cause genetic problems

Marriages between blood relations have been common in countries like India, Middle East, China, Japan and a few North African countries. Its almost normal in some villages of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in Southern parts of India. Pharoahs in Egypt…

Dhriubhai Ambani-rags to riches story

Reliance Industries -the company witha market capitalisation of almost Rs 190,000 crore (Rs 1,900 billion)was founded by late Dhirubhai Ambani-a man who worked at petrol depot in Aden and lived in a samll onebedroom rented apratment.Dhirubhai rose from…

Ghosts in Shimla

The other day I left my ofice early to get some notebooks and entered a book shop near the Municipal Corporation Building. Just then mine eyes struck a book on the shelf”Ghost stories of Shimla Hills by Minakshi Chaudhry.
It didn’t take me more than…

A few suggestions – how to take care of your skin problems

Acne is a very common skin disease due to which pimples occurs on face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Acne can appear as congested pores, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pustules, or cysts.

Acne is a disease that can occur in anyone but it..

Disadvantages of Global Warming

Disadvantages of Global Warming
Ocean circulation disrupted, disrupting and having unknown effects on world climate.
Higher sea level leading to flooding of low-lying lands and deaths and disease from flood and evacuation.
Deserts get drier…

Crocodile meat: Health meat

The latest addition to the list of Chinese delicacy is none other than the crocodile. Reports say shoppers were taken by surprise when they found cut-up pieces of crocodile being sold in a supermarket located in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province. …

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