LiLo faces jail term, likely to accept plea deal

Lindsay Lohan

Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan is not new to controversy and the Mean Girls star has already rubbed the law wrong way at a very young age. Lohan is currently in trouble for a necklace theft incident, in which she is the main accused. Though Lindsay has maintained that she is innocent and has nothing to do with the theft of the necklace, it is learnt that LiLo???s confidence about her innocence is waning and the beautiful lass is now thinking that she would have to go back to jail once again.

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Celebrity website TMZ reported that sources close to the actor said them that LiLo fears another jail term and is now willing to consider taking a plea deal in order to avoid the bars. Smart move LiLo, do that as the court has enough proves to nail your lie. Earlier, it was reported LiLo was offered a deal by Judge Keith Schwartz and her attorney Shawn Holley, which could save her from wearing the jail suit once again for long. The deal includes three months in jail but the celebrity would have to follow her jail routine only for 19 days because the jails are overcrowded.

LiLo, face the reality and don???t stress on facing the trial, because you are bound the loose the trial and then you will have to spend more than a year in jail for the probation violation. The court will also order the beleaguered Hollywood beauty to remain behind the closed walls of the jail for the felony grand theft. Lindsay is scheduled to appear in court Friday and I would suggest her to accept a plea deal to save herself from further trouble. Take a sensible decision lady.

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