Mallika Sherawat refuses to kiss Himesh Reshammiya

It’s unusual to hear that ‘kiss girl’ Mallika Sherawat too can refuse smooching on camera. She is the sole Indian actress who has got an opportunity to work with Jackie Chan and became famous with her hot and passionate kisses with co-stars like Himanshu, Emraan, Dharmendra and Akshaye.

Having worked with Bollywood’s most acclaimed actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan in BPL and Santro advertisements respectively, the 30-year-old sizzling beauty once again in news….but for a change for refusing kissing Himesh Reshammiya, in his film Aap Ka Suroor.

As a matter of fact Himesh’s appearance specially his beard somehow makes one turn off and may be that would have been the case with Mallika making her say no to kiss the nasal singer.

But according to a grapevine Himesh reacted to the whole thing merely a hogwash and said:

There is no scope for kissing between us. There never was any kissing scene in the story.


Source: Radiosargam

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