Maoist insurgency on the rise- Are we prepared for the challenge?

With the deadly attack on Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh leaving a trail of death and disaster, the question is ripe as to why is not the government control the maoist attacks that have been on the rise.


In the latest incident, the maoists have virtually wiped out the top brass of Chhattisgarh Congress. Those killed include the chief of the party and his son, Mahendra Karma, the founder of Salwa Judam and a score of other local level leaders including some security personnel too. Despite knowing the dangers involved in taking the route, the leaders opted for the same and ended up paying with their lives.

Sukma district in Chhattisgarh is known for being the hub of maoist insurgency and the latest incident has given credential to this fact. The incident also shows the desperation of the maoists who have off late been forced to lie low, given the stringent security measures in place. Security forces have often given the maoists a run for the money and they were looking for soft targets.

By killing Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh, the maoists have achieved success of two fronts. One they will be able to instil confidence in their rank and file and at the same time they were able to get the person whom they considered their biggest enemy.

Mahendra Karma was a brave leader who came up with the concept of Salwa Judam in which poor villagers of the region were given arms to fight back the maoists. His initiative was even backed by the ruling BJP, though Mahendra Karma was a Congress leader.

Salwa Judam led to virtual wiping of maoists from certain pockets in the state. This undoubtedly made him the prime enemy of maoists and they finally eliminated him along with others.

However, the big question is will be ever be able to get over this vicious cycle of violence. Every time an incidence of such magnitude occurs, security forces go into a tizzy and round up suspects and are at times able to kill those involved in the attacks.

The problem is very deep rooted and complicated though. Maoists want the government to withdraw the security forces and stop interfering in their land rights and other related aspects. As per the maoists version, all they want is a dignified life and the right to earn their living, the way they desire.

The movement of naxalites that finds its roots in a village in West Bengal has virtually engulfed half of India and the maoists have been able to create, what is known as a red zone in the country. Over the course of the years, they have undoubtedly taken the wrong course and have created hurdles for themselves and security agencies in finding a common path for negotiations.

Violence in any form is condemnable and   what the maoists have done in Sukma is highly unwarranted. The need of the hour is to act with a firm hand against thus menace of terrorism that the maoists have unleashed and bring them to the negotiation table. Only then can we see some ray of light and prevent such attacks from happening.

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