Sense of growing vulnerability grows among the white populace in Africa

There was a time when white people ruled the African community. During the Apartheid, South Africa in particular was in control of these people, but now White people and their communities feel vulnerable. With rising number of threats, reduced work opportunities and hate crimes, the community of white people is considering whether or not they actually have a future in South Africa.


South Africa, one of the most developed regions in the African continent, has been under the attack of racism for so long. Firstly, it was the blacks who were treated as slaves, murdered brutally and witnessed biases. And history is now repeating itself, but now the other end of people discriminated against or living in poor conditions are the whites.

It is true that if you ask any South African, s/he will tell you that the White people are still riding high, meaning that they have sufficient control on the economy and partially run the politics and media. In fact, Whites have more money, better homes and better jobs than the blacks.

But the situation is grim. Yes, it’s is true that a large number of White people have a favourable existence, but the regular working class of Afrikaans speaking white people is undergoing an intense change. Their plight is visible as they live in squatter camps, with several of them spread across the country, more than eighty alone in Pretoria. These camps are dingy, with broken cars and furniture, breeding mosquitoes in stagnant water and no water, electricity or food for two times. Specialists have discovered that over 400,000 poor white families are living in these inhabitable conditions.

Some of these habitants describe their plights and how semi skilled white people don’t have many jobs, as a number of black South Africans are still unemployed. In fact, Asians are now receiving more job opportunities than whites and blacks South Africans.

But that is not all. Even the white Afrikaners, who are living off in better condition and rank high on social scale, are threatened. Every day the press reports killings of a number of white farmers. And while millions around the world don’t get to know about it, the killings are actually quite brutal.

White farmers are living a dangerous life, with their chances of killed are twice more than that of a police officer. In fact, in a number of killings reported, gunmen simply kill or injure the farmers, but they hardly steel anything. The numbers speak for themselves- once there were more than 60,000 white farmers in the country. After 20 years, the numbers have halved.

Currently, the government has been unwilling to take any steps for resolving these issues.  Well, those who can deal with it and succeed can still have a future, but others are vulnerable, concerned about their livelihood and more importantly, their existence.

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