Most Dangerous festivals around the world

Celebrations are not about fun and games always; sometimes it might take people to the line of death.  Let’s see some of the most dangerous celebrations around the world where people put their life on the line while keeping their fears aside.

Running of the bulls

The sight of seeing a 460 kg of muscle, hooves and horns running towards you is enough to make most of us to get a heart attack. But in Spain this is a sight you get to see at the Running of Bulls festival. This festival is held in July every year where a group of 6 angry bulls are set loose towards the crowd. The crowd then steers the bulls toward the bull ring by intimidating the beasts. Hundreds of people gets injured very year and dozens of people have lost their life during this festival.

The Onbashira Festival

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Everybody loves slides. In fact, we will often go for a second round, but not until you see the Onbashira festival. This Japanese log riding festival is about people riding on huge logs, which slide downside a steep hill. These logs are then erected as pillars of a shrine. Injuries due to falling and getting hit by the huge logs are common and also deaths have been reported of being crushed under the log.


Thaipoosam is a festival celebrated by the Hindu community in India and Southeast Asia. It comes in between the months of January and February. During this festival, devotees show the level of physical burden by piercing spears, hooks and skewers into their body and carting weights on them. The most popular destination for witnessing Thaipoosam festival is in Malaysia at the Subramanian temple in Batu Caves.

Takanakuy Festival

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This festival can be called as the realistic version of the movie, Fight Club. Takanakuy which means hit each other in the local language is a festival which is held in Peru on 25th December every year.  This festival of knuckle and jaws incorporate people fighting over each other to settle their grudge over the year. Men, women and even children can be seen fighting each other to settle the conflicts between them.

Danjiri Masturi

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Danjiri means large wooden cart in Japanese. This Japanese festival is a cart pulling race which is held in September every year in the town of Kishiwada. This large cart which is believed to be shrine is raced through the streets of the town while a person on the top of the cart commands the people pulling it.  This cart racing causes damages to the shops and houses in the streets mostly. Every year people get injured and even die when these carts make sharp turns and cause people falling and getting crushed under the heavy carts.

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks

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Fireworks are spectacular to watch, but you don’t want a rocket coming and hitting you. That is not the case in Yanshui, Taiwan where crowd gather near a platform on which thousands of bottle rockets are kept for launching. Once lit these rockets get fired in every direction mostly into the crowd where people are waiting to get hit by these. The rocket frenzy causes injuries to people ever year though they come wearing makeshift fire proof clothing.

Vegetarian Festival

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Despite the name, it has nothing to do with vegetables. This festival happens in Thailand on September every year. What makes this festival bizarre is that it involves participants mutilating their parts of body with hooks, syringes, blades and knives. It also includes walking on fire and climbing ladders which are made of blades. Most of these activities are done without any anesthetics and the spectators often pick up the fallen body parts of the participants as holy souvenirs.

Crucifixion Re enactment

Every year on Good Friday, hundreds of Christian devotees come to the Northern Pampanga province in Philippines. Most devotees show their extreme faith to Jesus Christ by self flagellation, and even getting crucified with real nails being hammered in their hands and feet. This festival is considered as asking forgiveness to their sins by the lord.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

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We love cheese. Cheese is not dangerous, or is it? Well once you know about the annual Cheese Rolling festival held at Cooper’s Hill in England, it will change your perspective about cheese. Every year on the last Monday of May people gather on Cooper hill to chase a 9 pound, round Double Gloucester Cheese downhill. The person who crosses the finish line first gets to win the cheese. It’s a common sight where people tumble over the hill and sustain injuries and broken bones at times.

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