Murphy’s Laws of Probability

As per Murphy
1.In any project ,if there are chances of anything going wrong, the thing that will cause maximum damage will go wrong.

2.For every solution there is a fresh set of problems. tell a person there are 300 billions stars in the sky he will believe you, you tell him that this bench has fresh paint,he will touch it, just to be sure.

4 The chances of the buttered side of bread falling down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

5.A meeting is the event where minutes are kept and hours are lost.

6.There is very high probability that when your hands are dirty your nose will start itching.

7.The intensity of any itch is directly proportional to the difficulty in reaching that point.

8 When every thing is going well in any project there is a high probability that you are doing something wrong.

9.If you have to go home early there is very high probability that some urgent work will crop up.

10.All’s well that ends.

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