Nehru’s naivete failed to sense Chinese fraud that led to 1962 war: CIA

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Here is a new revelation that may derail the ongoing India-China peace process to resolve a decade old border dispute. The CIA has released some ‘secret’ documents and disclosed that what had happened in 1962 was nothing but a Chinese betrayal and Indian inexperience. The CIA has decided to release the documents for the National Security Archive as per the Freedom of Information act.

According to the document, Beijing had deceived India on the border issue. The Chinese leaders had made fake assurances to the then Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru. China had given false impression to Nehru that they were insignificant problems and it could be solved by official dialogue at lower levels.

The CIA release clearly says that Nehru was an inexperienced and romantic statesman who trusted the Chinese leadership. The document has revealed that Nehru had kept differences on the border disputes out of public realm only to maintain his relationship with China.

According to the first set of document, Nehru was desperate to maintain good relation with Zhou and he had concealed incidents of border disputes and increasing disagreement with China from Indian people.

A CIA analyst said:

The Chinese diplomatic attempt was a five-year masterwork of cleverness that was largely planned by Chou en Lai.

Chou played on Nehru’s Asian, anti-imperialist mental attitude, his proclivity to temporize, and his sincere desire for an amicable Sino-Indian relationship.

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In the three chapters that deal with the India-China border dispute, CIA reveals that China and its then premier Zhou en Lai over and over again fooled Nehru and India through the act of procrastination and dissembling.

According to the document, Nehru had that much blind faith on China and Zhou, the CIA says, that he rejected a letter sent to him from then Burmese premier Ba Swe in which he had warned Nehru to be careful while dealing with Zhou. But, Nehru had declared Zhou to be an honorable man and a good friend.

However, there is nothing new points in the disclosure because different experts have already been analyzed why India failed to learn Chinese mindset at that time. It is not relevant in present context but it will have some definite impact on the ongoing border talk between India and China.


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