Never ending controversies of Veena Malik

Veena Malik is the new controversy queen of Bollywood. Her outrageous statements and nude actions bring in media attention, without fail. Below is just an incomplete compilation of Veena’s scandalous news because with her, there is always a next.

Wedding bells for Veena

Veena is looking for love on TV through NDTV imagine’s featured reality show, ‘Swyamvar 4: Veena ka Vivah’. In reality, she is not in search of ‘dulha’ but the show is a mere gateway to fame and money. She has dumped her ex-boyfriend, Ashmit Patel for the new swayamvar season.

Nude photo shoot for FHM magazine

Veena has reached the epitome of scandalism by posing nude for FHM magazine cover. She did this for an amount of Rs 4.5 crore. This photo shoot gave her the much required hype and controversy to attract ads for her new TV show.

Sued magazine for nude cover photo

As was expected, Veena charged the magazine with defamation suit of Rs 10 crores. She insisted that she posed topless and not nude. But the editor claimed the photos to be authentic.

The family disowns her

Mohammad Aslam, father of Veena Malik has disowned her for the shameful act she did. He also insisted the government to take serious action against her, for the humiliation she brought to the country’s name.

The plagiarized ‘item bomb Channo’

The item song performed by Veena in her upcoming movie is already in controversy. Stills from the song are undoubtedly similar to Katrina’s look in ‘Chikni Chameli’. But Malik claims ‘Channo’ to be different in tune, choreography and costume.

Lost Veena found in a hotel

Amidst all other controversies, Veena was found missing from the set of her movie ‘Zindagi 50-50’. A lot of hype was created but in all in vain. She was found in a hotel room, enjoying the attention she was receiving in media. It was a mere publicity stunt but it worked. Good work Veena!

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