Obviously, Gauhar is Irritating

Gauhar Khan is an Extremely Irritating Lady

Gauhar Khan is just an extremely irritating lady. She may be so for the right or wrong reasons depending on every other person’s point of view. For instance, she is Kushal Tandon’s girlfriend but doesn’t act very girly and coy as most girls do when their boyfriends are around. She is extremely loud by nature and gives very little scope to others around her to speak.


Even her own sister, Negar Khan is completely dominated by her personality. She has to keep mum when Gauhar is around or else she is not able to control Gauhar’s anger. She is also a very dangerous girl and definitely has a very strong personality of her own. She has come off victorious in a lot of endeavours sometimes overpowering others.

She is yet to find her key to ultimate success though. She is without doubt a very strong lady. Gauhar definitely needs to work on the negative traits that represent in her personality. Otherwise her arrogance will lead her to a complete downfall and she will never be able to come out of it. It high time she realises this.


It could be for the Best….. Or Not!

This is precisely what irritates the hell out of all those girls who are coy. They obviously feel inferior when Gauhar is around and wish for her years to go by quickly. However, Gauhar has proved herself many a time and she might continue to do so for a long time to come. One can never say whether she really is as self righteous as she behaves or she simply acts it up. Too much self righteousness is also found to be irritating and it is possible that, that is what is going against Gauhar. She has been an international model for many years and definitely knows her way through the industry.

It might take people a long time to come to terms with this behaviour of Gauhar. Some might come to admire it while some others will come to hate it. Such behaviour doesn’t register easily in the times of today. Moreover, in a country like India, such behaviour is extremely rare. Plus, as times are changing rapidly, such behaviour is getting more and more exceptional. Hence, it is but obvious of people to get irritated with a rare lady like Gauhar Khan.

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