Organic Vs Paid: Which Traffic Is Right For Your Business

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The inflow of traffic plays a vital role for a business in many ways. The incoming traffic for a business not only helps to gain the necessary attention; but it is also a way to get new customers. In this competitive age, it is very important to incorporate the right type of marketing strategy to attract customers.

Paid Traffic vs. Organic Traffic

No doubt, one of the biggest dilemmas that any business faces is which kind of traffic would be beneficial for the company.  It is important understand the difference between Paid traffic and Organic traffic first and plan accordingly.

Organic Traffic


When customers visit your website out of their own free will, it is termed as organic traffic. This kind of traffic does not come through the paid search option. The different ways that a company can get an inflow of organic traffic would include

  • The people who visit your website generally come through search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.
  • They can also come via social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook or even Twitter.
  • Another way the inflow of organic traffic increases is through the referral process. This is possible by placing the links to your website on any other site.
  • Even if a person directly types the business URL and visits your website, it is also a form of organic traffic.

How is this possible?

In order to get people to visit your website in their own free will, the marketing strategies that you would use is more on the SEO front. In this form of marketing, a person has to keep on working out different ways to enhance the SEO strategies.

  • This includes uploading blogs or different kinds of content regularly.
  • Using the help of keywords with links to your website is part of this form of marketing.
  • It also includes measure like working towards the overall ranking of the website and improving your position in the search list.
  • Various reports, traffic trends, blog visits and reading time are all factors that help in the planning process.
  • A business also needs to keep on checking out the new opportunities available to them and plan their next move accordingly.

Paid Traffic

Marketing Strategy Business concept

The minute you invest in some kind of marketing campaign, referral program or listing, the inflow of traffic due to such an investment is called as Paid Traffic. The strategies that seo companies India use are more of boosters since they help in faster generation of traffic inflow in comparison to the organic option. In this option, the strategies are tailored to the needs of the business and target a specific type of audience. In this, people will start visiting your website through factors such as

  • Paid listings posted on various search engines.
  • Paid promotions of your website link or content to get a wider audience on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Placing ads on other websites or using networks such as Display Ads provided by search engines like Google.
  • Through MLM or affiliate program campaigns, that attracts people only because of some monetary benefit for the person promoting your website.

How is this possible?

  • In this form of traffic generation, a company comes up with various kinds of online marketing campaigns.
  • Under this kind of marketing strategy, experts use options such as Pay per Click, Cost per Mile, Retargeting or Remarketing techniques and other such methods to generate an inflow of traffic.
  • This form of traffic generation is often expensive since it involves spending money both for the marketing and for paying commissions to people.

Which is best –Paid or Organic traffic?


The reality is that there is not much difference between the two. At the end of the day, it is not about the kind of strategy a business uses to attract customers; instead, it is more on their conversion ratio. Both these forms of traffic generation have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For a business to sustain in the competition, a blend of both is essential to generate the required results. While organic traffic is a slow process and paid traffic is more of a booster. Combining these two strategies together does help to enhance the inflow of traffic and is beneficial for the business.

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