How to squeeze time for dating out of your busy schedule

To meet ‘the one’, you have to put yourself out there – repeatedly. The first few times that you go on a date might cause you to massively strike out, but there’s something to be said about a person who has no trouble picking himself up and trying again. On the other hand, you can be charming, caring, good looking, and a great catch, but not be able to start a relationship because of a complete lack of time.

Internet nowadays is so crammed with both formal and casual dating sites, such as LunchDates, that allow busy professionals with various opportunities to meet with quality dating prospects in casual and convenient settings. So, if you are only able to squeeze in dates during daylight hours when your schedule isn’t already full of back-to-back meetings, organizing a lunchtime date could aid you in getting acquainted with that special someone. Here are four more ways to keep all your appointments, as well as schedule enough dates to keep your romantic life on the right track.

First Dates should always be Casual

first date

While the purpose of dating is to get comfortable and determine if you have made a match, you don’t want to rush through the process. Whether you meet for coffee or a picnic in the park, you want to refrain from pulling out the stops until at least the third or fourth date. Not only is dating supposed to be casual in the beginning stages, you need to reserve your resources until you are sure that things are going to go forward. Always keep those first initial meetings casual so that you and your date can focus on basic principles, getting to know one another, and having a great time in each other’s presence.

Maintain Contact between Dates

Despite the fact that you are a busy professional, you do want to keep communication strong and fresh while you are dating someone new. Call the person you are casually dating every now and then so that you can have a quick conversation after dinner or shoot off a text at the beginning of the day. Not only will having a free-flowing conversation with your new love interest make you look forward to your dates, you’ll also be able to learn more about each prospect.

Date More Than One Person at a Time


Dating these days can be tricky. It is pretty much the norm to date several people at once until you are in an exclusive relationship. Remember that casual dating simply means that you get together to spend time together, and it doesn’t mean that physical relations are on the table. Once you do meet someone that you want to become serious with, you can easily make your intentions clear and stop dating all your other casual dating partners.

Be Your Wonderful Self

When you date on a busy schedule, you have to let your true self shine through. Of course, you do want to present yourself appropriately; you also need to be honest about your flaws as well as any baggage you may still be carrying from your last relationship. During the first dates with a new prospect, talk about your family, your view on relationships, and whether marriage is a realistic option or not. Being honest will only make you more attractive to those who have a genuine interest in dating you.

If you don’t have loads of time to schedule dates every Friday and Saturday night, look to trying out daytime dates during regular business hours. You can meet other busy professionals who have full lives and who also want to land a successful relationship. When you date people who have great careers, you can help each other to become better versions of yourselves.

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