Organisms who derive their scientific names from celebrities

While it has always been a tradition to allow the naming of an organism by the person who discovered the specific species. Of course, this can (and does) lead to some very interesting names. Even though celebs from various fields have nothing to inspire the discoveries of certain organisms, these creatures are being called by their names. Check out a few such organisms that now offer honor to celebs.

Scaptia beyonceae

Scaptia beyonceae

Image Source : Media1.s-Nbcnews.Com

The name of this horsefly is derived out of the name of the famous musician Beyonce. The researchers naming it share that this horsefly looks like a diva among all other flies. Additionally, its behind in golden color reminds them of Beyonce. That is why they named this distinct organism as scaptia beyonceae.Well, let us wait to see whether this organism grows up togive fame to the world of music.

Norasaphus monroeae

Marilyn Monroe

Image Source :  Mac.h-Cdn.Co

You may have guessed that this organism is named after the famous Hollywood sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Remembering of Monroe’s curves and iconic looks, scientists gave this name to this new trilobite species that is shaped like an hourglass.

Campsicnemus charliechaplini

Charlie Chaplin

Image Source : Cdn.Images.Express.Co.Uk

Do you think that this organism looks like Charlie Chaplin or creates facial expressions like him? No. The rare type for fly is simply named after the Hollywood star Charlie Chaplin for a silly reason. When it dies, there is a funny position that its mid-legs take. This style of legs appears to be like the legs of Charlie while he walked around.

Dendropsophus stingi

Dendropsophus stingi

Image Source : Rtvslo.Si

You are right in thinking that rock star Sting has inspired the name of this organism. Through his musical collaborations at international levels, Sting has attemptedto bridge the gaps among different cultures. He has also done a lot of work for the rainforest. This is how the ecologists thought of honoring this talented artist by giving his name to a Columbian tree frog. The name dendropsophus stringi has an interesting meaning, which is Sting’s tree frog.

Agra schwarzeneggeri

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image Source : Cdn-Static.Denofgeek.Com

A carabid beetle of a rare species has been named after Arnold Schwarzenegger who is one of the most successful stars of all time. While winning many titles in the fields of beauty and acting, this star is considered a great bodybuilder and action hero. After inspiring his numerous fans, he would have never imagined of inspiring science too. Still, the beetle carries his name because its middle femora are like Arnold’s muscular biceps.

Nobody can now say that biologists do not watch movies or go to concerts. They have proved so by naming many new organism species after the names of famous singers, actors, and other celebs. It is done after careful observation.

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