Should celebrities dance at weddings

Celebrities are human beings, and if human beings can dance and enjoy at weddings then definitely the celebrities can do so. But the question arises whether the wedding is a very private one or one in which a lot of media exposure is present. For example- a brother can dance to his heart’s content at his sister’s wedding, so if it is in the case of a celebrity then he definitely has the full liberty to do so.


Few problems arise when the media is present or either any photos or videos of the occasion get leaked out to the public. In such cases, the celebrity will instantly become a news item and the common public frantically starts craving for that piece of news. The curiosity arises because everyone wants to get a peek into the lives of the celebrities whom they devotedly adore.

As we all know the media or the paparazzi is an expert in criticizing. They are sure to spot something out of the place and then after giving a story to it, they present it to the public. The main news that comes up in these cases are wardrobe malfunction of these celebrities, and in what physical state they were, like after getting drunk or with whom they were hanging around during the party.


If it is known to the celebrities that media coverage will be their then they should take extra care as to give attention to their dresses which they would be wearing and to keep in mind the way they behave during the occasion. The media exposes these incidents to the public who are hungrily waiting for such gossips.

If it would have been just a normal and ordinary person nobody would have even cared to give him/her any attention. But since it is a celebrity any incident, if it occurs at all will be taken into account by the media, because they can make easily saleable news from it.

Celebrities can definitely dance and enjoy their time during weddings or such parties, but they should always be a bit careful about themselves just because of the fact that they are celebrities and not just simple as other people. They should always be on guard about their garments in order to prevent humiliation later on and to keep a check on their behavior and the way they present themselves because they are always under the spotlight and they are tracked thoroughly, just like the police keep a track of criminals.

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