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When it comes to branding communities as a caricature, we barely think twice. And with Bollywood at the anvil, Punjabis have come to be caricatured like no other all over India. But talk to a Punjabi and ask what it feels. Here is a one to one flushing of what a true Punjabi opines.


Paratha for Punjabis– For heaven’s sake, who eats parathas 24 hours? At least, we modern generation Punjus resort to this greasy bread as an occasional option. Even we are as health conscious as anyone else. We do swear by the paratha and rajma but well, we relish even spaghetti and soup likewise.

All Punjabis Are Not Sardarjis– Respecting each religion is but natural, but what makes Bollywood think taut Punjabis have to be sardars. Well, now Sikh and Hindus and even Christians coexist in harmony all over Punjab as in the rest of India. It is not funny when one thinks that Punjabis necessarily belong to a particular religion. Phew!

It’s Not Always About Chak De Phatte- Not always about Balle Balle either. Merely buzzing few catch words and phrases do not mean that is Punjabi language. Bollywood has traumatized us over generations with horrid phrases and constant buzz words to define Punjus. However, no, we do have an entire literature and loads more to boast.


Punjabis Do Not Always Booze– Boozing is something that is not restrcted to Punjabis. We cannot drink like a fish yet we know our drinks and pegs. And yes, we do have a lot of fun but do not live life as carefree as they show in the movies.

Lavish Yes, But Stupid No– Just because some Bolly flick said so, why does one need to believe that. We are not merely the stuff of comedy and now no Punjabi talks like the jokes you read. We are smart and also tend to be silly as usually as other people could. The community plays no role on your intellect, does it!

For our part, begin to know a community for what it has and not by mere Bolly caricature, we are fed up by the ghisa pita stuff the movies are offering us. We sure need a break, don’t you!

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