Political Reaction over Team Anna’s Decision to Join Politics

Anna Hazare’s resolution to enter politics has met with mixed reactions from the citizens of Indore. The approach made by the anti-graft campaigner is being considered by several people to be a form of hasty response on the part of Team Anna. Others have maintained a more optimistic view.

The Bright Side

Eminent members of the literati share a more or less positive outlook about this move. While some feel that going into politics was a natural transition for Team Anna, others feel that this is a step in the right direction since even if they are able to secure 20 to 30 seats in the Lok Sabha, they will be in a position to generate a substantial amount of pressure on the government to get them to support the Jan Lokpal Bill. Scholars feel relieved to know that a reliable person like Anna Hazare is entering politics though in an indirect manner. Most are aware of how easy and noble he is.

Corporate workers are upbeat about the fact that Anna is going into politics. They hope a positive change will result out of this decision. Some enthusiastic individuals feel that in any case they now have an honest and unbiased political party to cast their votes for.

There are a number of people who strongly think that this move will be regarded as a political landmark in India. It might even be capable of ushering in a new era in Indian politics.

Cause for Negativity

Social activists, however, hold a different view altogether. A few are not really sure about how they feel regarding the matter. They think that it would eventually turn out to be dirty politics when all is said and done. They believe that politics is comprised of some six to seven national factions who start to compromise on principles once they get a taste of power. The same can be said for various persons involved in the field of psychiatry. Team Anna’s decision was an act of impulse. They should not have taken part in politics and instead should have focused on setting a proper example for other social activists as once they went too deep, they were bound to start acting like regular politicians.

Students share the sentiment as they suppose that things will not be changing so drastically so soon as the system is quite intricate. They fear that in the process of changing the system, they will undergo a change themselves.

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