Politics Of Slogans

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The political parties have repeatedly failed to give substantial shape to slogans,which unleash new hopes for them at critical moments.Given the way gulf between rich and poor has widened,the “Garibi hatao ” slogan turned into one of the most caricatured slogans.Our so-called progress has not only further marginalized the poor but also led to origin of generation which sees no further than pursuit of its materialistic dreams.Ironically,the leaders of present-age,unlike the one’s belonging to early 50s,seem to be devoid of stature worthy enough to deliver a weighty slogan.

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The leaders of yore were able to generate enthusiasm vis-a-vis slogans as they maintained no difference between their theory and practice.There are no more such catchy slogans,only because the politicians unholy nexus with corrupt elements have robbed them of the ability to conceive everlasting slogans.No matter if their materialization remains a distant dream !

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