Ram Gopal Verma’s Darling: Nisha Kothari in a video promo

Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag is in the queue, but Nisha Kothari has found another work under RGV banner. Not as actor though, this actress has been signed for a promotional music video for RGV’s upcoming film ‘Darling‘ featuring Fardeen Khan, Isha Deol, and Esha Koppikar. n2
However, this video will not be a part of the movie and will be screened only as promos. While commenting over the entire row, Nisha commented,

It is just a song which is not part of the film. I have shot for a music video that will be used for the promotion of Darling. Ramuji asked me to do that and I agreed. I would not do any item numbers unless I feel like doing it. The song has been picturised on me and Fardeen Khan. We have shot this song in three days

Known as the muse of Ram Gopal Verma, Nisha is quite a common face in recent RGV’s projects. Not in central character though, she has mostly been selected for side characters. Nisha also finds herself comfortable working with Ramu. At the same time it is Ramu’s confidence on Nisha that gave her quite popularity in RGV projects. She played a role in Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag also, but in a mare side role. Sushmita Sen was the lead actress, and she however had to be satisfied as supporting cast.


Nisha has come to the industry from the field of modeling and this is evident in her perfoemance. Till now she has not delivered any superb acting performance. On the very first days after entering the industry she got Ramu as her Godfather. Ram Gopal Verma has this strange habit of being Godfather to certain new comers. When in full confidence, he finds none other than his chosen one for his projects. Then he finds another new comer, and puts his entire confidence on her, completely forgetting his old muse. Nisha could not show any extraordinary acting talent. People like Urmila and Antara Mali were far ahead of this sultry actress at there debut. By the fact RGV has offered her to perform in a video sequence has created the question once again? Is Ramu all set to come out with his new talent? Nisha needs to understand if she has to survive in the industry she needs to concentrate on her acting to a certain amount. All eyes are set to RGV ki Aag, and let’s hope she does justice with her role.

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