Reasons to date a Portuguese woman:

Here are some of those reasons:

Portuguese woman are very hot_1


They are superiorly hot. They have dark almond eyes, high well defined cheek bones, long wavy dark brown or black hair and a curvy body. What else does one want in a woman? They look like goddesses and are naturally beautiful. No need of make-up there. And do not mix up their natural complexions with the Jersey Shore girls and their fake tans. No, these girls are all natural.

The Passion:

These women are passionate as hell. They are fabled to be warrior princesses who are not afraid to take on the responsibilities of a “man”. They are said to be charging in to battles when need arose. And they have a hellish temper; at least this is what they are famous for.  A girl with beauty as well as passion. Hmm, what could go wrong with this combination? Now add to that intelligence, and you get the perfect combination. The perfect woman, some might say. We are just suggesting.


The Food:

Portuguese women are renowned for their culinary skills the world over. The dishes like Frago Piri Piri or Pastel de Nata or Marzipan sweets; eat them and have a taste of heaven. Now, they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, true, and Portuguese women sure have mastered the art of conquering a man’s heart as well as his taste buds.

Reserved :

Portuguese women are reported to be quieter kind. They are reserved and don’t respond until they are being talked to. They are shy and keep to themselves. This gives them the mystery factor, and who doesn’t love a mysterious girl, they give you a chase, and thus promising to be great partners for the longer commitments. Not the party types, they are subdued and prefer to be in quieter settings than in Discos and night clubs.

Dating a Portuguese woman can prove to be a roller coaster ride and a hell of an experience. Take the challenge and prove yourself worthy of them, and you will have a happy relationship with these Goddesses.

Summary – There can never be reasons enough to date a beautiful woman. But Portuguese women take the cake when it comes to reasons why you SHOULD be dating them.

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