Reasons girls prefer rich guys

Girls just love guys who can make them laugh. But anyways, money remains the biggest factor of attraction as ever. The reason is simple. Contradictory to the usual belief, girls are not as emotional. They are practical. They judge all potential candidates on various parameters before deciding upon which one suits them best. And the main point on which these parameters are based is that they need a happy and prosperous future. Now, this becomes the reason, women prefer richer men who could help them with a comfortable life. The discussion goes in detail as follows:

 Fatter pockets, more shopping

Fatter pockets, more shopping:

The best part of dating a rich guy is that you won’t have to compromise in life. You won’t have to buy a titan watch when you want a Rolex. You won’t have to travel in a Maruti Alto when you have an option of a BMW. This is the main reason women prefer richer men. They want luxury, not love.

A more comfortable family life:

One may think its greed that attracts women to richer men. But indeed its simple being practical. Means, why should your children study in a government school when they have an option of studying in any top elite one in the country. Why should your medical treatment be carried out in a government hospital when you have a choice to afford the top notch one. And even more, what should be done in case someone in your immediate family suffers a critical and costly disease like cancer. You will never be able to afford such an adverse situation without money.

Fame and Reputation in the society
Reputation in the society:

Although unfortunate, but the fact is that that people do not value the person but his wallet in this unfair world and illicit society. Your husband is not just your life partner but a status symbol as well. He is the guy you will be standing with in parties and functions. So your respect and status depends on the guy you marry more than anything else.

You won’t have to work:

Yes, this is another good reason for the lazier ones. You won’t have to rub your bones either in the kitchen or your office. You have much time to spare for shopping, your family and your hobbies.

The above reasons just this practical decision because of which girls prefer rich guys.

Summary – This article tells you why girls are happier with richer guys as compared to otherwise in the subtlest of ways.

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