Reasons to learn salsa with your hubby?

Here are a few reasons why you must learn salsa with your hubby?

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Sharing the experience of  learning a dance form on the tunes of romantic  music  along with your significant other  half is a  very powerful  as well as satisfying feeling. Nothing can bring couples as close as dancing can . It can eliminate all differences.

Since this dance form is flirtatious in nature it brings the right dosage of romance into your relationship.

Salsa is teamwork thus it can strengthen your strained  relationship. But be ready to face  some rough patches while you  are learning it.

Learning anything new can be frustrating, and it might happen  that the couple  take out their frustrations on each other.. Some partners blame  might end up blaming one another for not doing the steps right. So couples are asked to help each other. This brings them closer.

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Salsa  has a certain level of sauciness that can spice up your  life.

Other benefits of learning salsa are as follows-

-Salsa music  is fast and upbeat, which makes the dance aerobic in nature thus fitness is improved.

-Salsa not only burns calories, but also relieves stress and stimulates brain cells in ways traditional exercise can’t.

– Salsa is a total body workout. It tones the  abdomen,, arms, legs, -muscle toning

– Salsa improves balance

-Salsa can be substituted as a cardio workout

-It challenges the brain.

– It releases stress.

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It is  a playful  form of dance which mixes fun as well as  dance. It is loaded with emotional, physical as well as  social benefits. It is suitable both for couples and singles.

It helps in maintaining the fitness levels of the mind  and body, thus strengthens the  neural pathways and improves  the cognitive health of an individual.

Salsa is performed in different forms in different countries such as  -Cuban form, Latin form, African form, Caribbean form—. It is full of creativity and is a  unique form of self-expression. The way you turn your head or the way you move your hips as well as  body, while  interpreting  the rhythm of the music is entirely up to you and your personality.

So salsa must be learned by all married couples.


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