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Success is a prime mover. A very strong driving factor that goads an individual to strive harder until the fruits of labor are earned and relished. Individuals long for success and this longing keeps you going. There is no short cut to success is a universally accepted truth but striving in the wrong direction will not get you anywhere near success, and that’s where the name of success guru Jack Canfield fits in. This eminent personality has mastered the key to success, and his invaluable instructions enclosed within hard cover guide books have changed the lives of so many women in a big way. Inspired by his work, a number of women have immensely benefited in shaping envying careers as pilots, models, teachers, finance professionals, management experts covering a wide range of professions where they have made their presence felt winning innumerable hearts across the globe. 

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‘Nothing succeeds like success ‘ could be literally felt as you go deep through the mesmerizing texts and philosophical works spun by this genius. The chief commendable feature of the text ‘Success University for women’ is the lucid language and yet each and every line is gripping. You feel like finishing the book in one breath. The book is woven around the premises of a concrete down to earth philosophy. Practical examples from our day to day lives make the work all the more attention drawing.

The secrets of success are just round the corner. All you need is to locate it. For this, you will need an able guide who will make the latent potential within you visible. Jack Canfield fits the bill in more than one way. The text will give you a kind of feel that he is talking to you in a one-to- one arresting conversation rapport. He is a legendary mind trainer, which is definitely a prerequisite for any success story.

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Jack Canfield is a very familiar name in every American household for being one of most famous American success coaches. The key to success has become synonymous with the name of this mastermind, and his contributions to achieving success have gained applauds from both the corporate world and from domestic front. Jack Canfield’s books on the theme of success have a huge global readership with a circulation and sale of over half a billion books. He has co authored ‘ Chicken soup for the soul ‘ and the ‘ Success principles ‘ and the ‘ Success principles 10th Anniversary Edition ‘ which have been doing business like hot cakes. However, the huge commercial success of his works has not turned his head beyond the limits of practical musings. In fact, his works have become a shade more mature and as a writer he had become more prolific keeping the quality of his work at a respectable height.

Once again, he has set his mind to write something worthwhile and consequently the book ‘ Success University for women ‘ had been the product of his prolific mind. When Jack decides to write something it is going to steal your waking hours for sure. However, he wants to share the credit with Catherine Scheer, a  Canadian-born female writer and the American Jan Fraser who co founded this masterpiece work of philosophy with a dream of enabling women around the globe relish the taste of success.
The book ‘Success University for women’ is basically an anthology that illustrates 24 most successful women belonging to 11 countries who have proved their talents in various fields ranging from commercial pilots and fitness models to bookkeepers and entrepreneurs. The book is expected to be a ground breaker and till then we opt to keep our fingers crossed.

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