Glanbia ‘s Yoplait Essence for the ageing Irish population

As food companies are becoming more and more functional they are trying to cater to the specific health needs of the consumers. Glanbia food company has launched a functional yogurt drink called as Yoplait Essence for the ageing population of Ireland….

Databook on Bakery and Cereals in Greece from 2004- 2009

Why should you buy the databook on Bakery and Cereals in Greece to 2009? The databook will not only provide you with reports from the Bakery and Cereals in Greece from 2004 till date it will also give you forecasts on the industry from 2007-2009.


Top 11 Food Trends in the year 2006

What is in and what is out this year speaks of the Top Food Trends in 2006. A review of the trends in the food world shows that certain trends are a follow-up of the experiments in the food world in the end of bygone 2005 and some are modeled to suit…

Dana Craig announces the First Foodies Awards

Dana Craig has given away the first Foodie awards much in the fashion of the Emmys, Tonys, VMAs, CMAs…, after her yearlong experience in the Richmond restaurant.

The awards were given in the following categories:

Best breakthrough performance -…

BevNET presents the top ten beverages in 2005

BevNET and its sister concern Beverage spectrum magazine have awarded the top ten beverages that were launched this year, BevNET company commenced this year and it is the only media house reputed for its reviews in the beverage industry. This year it…

Chocolate ganache: Variations in the chocolate punch

You get a good chocolate treat only if you are in Manila. I fail to understand why Lori is using a term like deconstruction to a culinary item, not forgetting that Derrida used it not to define any physical structure, but to analyze the play of…

Food blogs : A wrap-up of top foodies this week

Chef Shane prepares Salmon patties.

Chopstix blog discovers the real flavor in Chinese cooking that comes out of a variety of broths or stocks. offers the traditional pork marinade mix.

Slashfood presents a review of designer Vodkas.

Egg Enchiladas: Complete breakfast in a mini bite

It’s going to be a yummy Mexican breakfast with corn tortillas stuffed with soft scrambled eggs and cheese. I do not want to do a culinary or health review, I just want to tell you what can complement stuffed tortillas. Well, nothing exactly it is the…

Mr. Breakfast: Quite a heavy breakfast site

Mr. Breakfast site does not thrive on breakfast recipes alone; it has a number of features that you can add while laying your breakfast table.

No matter where you are this site is a perfect guide for a King’s breakfast. It has a whole database of …

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