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Studies have revealed that humans utilize only 10% of their brain at any one point of time. Imagine what the human brain will be capable of if it is allowed to function to its full potential. That’s where Revolutioner aims to help you. A membership program that aims to unlock the human brain’s full potential; Revolutioner is a one of a kind initiative that makes use of audio soundtracks for stimulating brainwave frequencies that help strike the right balance between the in the mind in order for the body to function properly.

How does Revolutioner Work?

The brain is made up of countless neurons which use electrical pulses to communicate with each other. These electrical pulses in turn create brainwaves which can change according to the state of mind of an individual. These brainwaves can also be categorized into Gamma brainwaves (associated with memory, learning and formation of ideas, etc.), Beta brainwaves (associated with mental functioning), Alpha brainwaves (associated with relaxation), Theta brainwaves (associated with extreme relaxation and light sleep), and Delta brainwaves (associated with deep sleep). An imbalance in the natural functioning of these brainwaves tends to create mental problems like depression and anxiety which, in turn, affects physical productivity considerably.

Revolutioner can correct this imbalance effectively by stimulating the required brainwave frequencies that help create a proper balance throughout the brain. Revolutioner makes use of audio soundtracks for the same purpose, utilizing what is called Brainwave Entrainment to synchronize the brainwaves according to the necessary frequencies. The frequencies fed to the brain are embedded in the soundtracks in such a way that they remain unnoticed by the listener.

Listening to the audio track for 12 minutes every day helps stimulate the brain to reach an optimized and well balanced state for brain functions, thus paving the way for a happy and limitless life.

Benefits of Revolutioner

The following benefits of Revolutioner were derived from studies that were conducted on individuals who opted to follow the program.

Improved Control of Brain Functions

A few weeks of using Revolutioner is all that is needed to enjoy improved control of one’s brain and its functions. By this time, the brain learns to produce the appropriate frequencies needed for different actions like sleeping, remaining calm, waking up or solving problems, etc.

Improved Learning and Academic Performance

Revolutioner is able to stimulate the brain to gear itself for problem solving and other tasks that challenge the cognitive abilities. It has even been found out that by using Revolutioner, one can alter the brainwave patterns of individuals with learning disabilities in order to improve their cognitive performance.

Improved Physical Fitness and Performance

Physical health is connected to mental health. Issues like anxiety, stress and depression can reduce physical productivity as well. Revolutioner is programmed to stimulate the brain to provide optimal physical output so that individuals who opt for the program remain at the top of their game at all times.

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Easy Withdrawal from Addiction

Revolutioner can easily stimulate the brainwaves that are absent or present in low levels in the brain, thus allowing an individual to stop resorting to substances for the same purpose. With Revolutioner, addicts can easily withdraw from their addictions and cravings while paving the path for an addiction-free life.

Apart from this, Revolutioner has been found to be beneficial in treating other issues like anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings, sleep disorders and bodily fatigue effectively.


Revolutioner is a program that stimulates appropriate brainwaves in order to help the brain function to its optimal capacity. The program has also been found to be very beneficial in treating several mental problems while helping improve cognitive productivity and ensuing physical productivity to a great extent.



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