Busting some myths about dieting

Believing in diet myths can drive you further away from reaching your weight loss goal and can lead you towards the wrong course. You might even experience weight gain that can derail your motivation. Here are a few diet myths that you must ignore and not lead in to.

Diet soda and diet foods do not assist weight gain

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It is true that diet foods and drinks are low in calories but they are not at all helpful in losing weight. Diet soda can increase the chances of metabolic syndrome and cause increase in levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and even belly fat. You must not let diet foods and drinks cheat your diet.

Nuts can provide good protein


Those who planto lose weight must consider eating nuts for increasing their protein intake but experts reveal that nuts do not have a healthy impact on general health. This is because along with proteins, nuts are high in caloric content too.

Calories are all the same and will have same effect

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Calories are of different types in different foods. Some foods burn a lot many calories while you chew them whilethe soft, easy to chew foods burn less calories. Hence, you need to choose a diet rich in active calories and less processed foods to lose weight.

Skipping meals can help losing weight

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To lose weight, you must have an active metabolism and that is only possible when you eat frequent but tiny meals. You should understand that your focus is on losing fat while starving will onlymake your body save more fat rather than burning it.

Drinking lots of water reduces fat

Drinking lots of water reduces fat

Drinking a lot of water can only assist weight loss. It does not individually reduce weight. However, drinking ice-cold water is helpful in burning more calories because more energy is required for warming the cold liquid to your body temperature.

Exercising hard facilitates weight loss

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It is a commonly believed myth that working out more can reduce more weight. It is rather appropriate to follow a proper fitness plan under the guidance of a trainer that will help you turn your fat into muscle. Exercising hard will only give you physical exhaustion and injuries, instead of losing fat.

Eating at night is a cause of weight gain

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It is not cutting down on dinner that will help you in losing weight but the quantity and at what time you eat it. You need to eat proper tiny meals at regular intervals and only in the appropriate quantity according to body demands.

Many people fall victims to some ages old diet myths and get frustrated when they start gaining weight instead of losing it. Following a healthy diet plan at specified times; exercising under the guidance of the trainer and staying committed to hard work are the only ways to lose weight efficiently.

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