Rumer Willis escapes arrest on drug charges

rumer willis 1

Rumer Willis had a narrow escape from being arrested on charges of possessing illegal drugs. The incident happened when the star was found with three men in the same room of the La Quinta hotel during a marijuana drug bust.

Daughter of Striptease actress Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Rumer is in Aberdeen for the shoot of the film From Within and happened to be in the same hotel room where cops recovered marijuana from one man.

The police turned into the hotel room on noise complaints by other guests of the hotel. The cops found the teenager with other three men in the same room.

However Willis was never arrested but the other three individuals were taken into custody and were charged of marijuana possession.

Right now for her esteemed parents it’s not a matter of worry as their baby is out of arrest and investigation. But still the need of the hour is that they should sit and have special conversation about drugs with their girl.



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