Sexy ideas to floor your Sindhi boyfriend

A Sindhi boyfriend may be an out of the box choice for many. They are more into money than into fun and more into food than into life. But everyone has their own way of going ahead. And anyways, most girls would simply fall for a Sindhi boy coz he has cash in his accounts and you find his mother pull those big shackles made of gold that you want to make yours. Now that you have made your mind to go ahead with a Sindhi and you know that there is short chance of him taking an initiative to heat up things…

 Sindhi loves bhaji and chawal

My suggestions to make things sexy for your Sindhi boyfriend are as follows:

Food to seduce:

If there is one tradition that Sindhi still follow, it’s their food.  And their love for food is not concentrated to the same old koki, bhaji and chawal but they are such food addicts that they will gulp down anything that is fatty enough. So this time, give them something different. And this different means aphrodisiac food. Chillies, meat, red wine and nuts will do the job for them. And it’s a good idea to make it up as a Sindhi cuisine.

Money for the job games: As mentioned above, Sindhis are addicted to money. Anything that involves money gives them that binding feel. So, seduce him with money for sex games. Like play chess. Every time he loses, he gives you a note and every time you lose you shed of a piece of cloth from your body. This game is surely interesting, but the best part is that you get a chance to earn in return for pleasure.

 seduction foods and chocolate

Dollar coloured lingerie:

Not only dollar but any currency he loves. Just wear a lingerie that is colouredlike money. Then stick a few notes to then and challenge him to grab the notes. But make sure to stick the notes on the inner side so that your bra and panties come out when he tries to pull them off. And remember to make it difficult to grab you because the tougher the game, the kinkier it is.

Make yourself edible:

Lace your body in something edible. This can be decided upon the kind of Sindhi boyfriend you have. Means like if he is an oldie, try using chicken gravy and if he is the modern kind, then lace your body with chocolate. And ask him to lick you clean. So clean that you don’t need to bathe that day. And trust me, he will surely love it.

As obvious, the above ideas are good enough to make a Sindhi guy keep wanting more of you. But it’s important to act natural while playing the game.

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