How to Surprise him with your Clothes on in Bed?

It is the Comfort Zone

The bed is a place where couples are most comfortable with each other. The most intimate of things happen in bed. The bed is also a place where the most intimate discussions happen. A lot of times, couples look forward to bed for reasons other than falling asleep. A large number of things are done in bed. However, a bed is also a place that often gets extremely boring. No one likes to get boring in the bed and hence, you ought to think of spicing things up. There are many ways of spicing things up but why not, think out of the box?

do not get Naked, just get Naughty

You don’t always have to get Naked; you can just get Naughty

Usually, we associate bed with things such as getting naked or getting naughty in there. However, there isn’t always a need to get naked in bed. A lot of things can be done in bed without getting even close to naked.

Creativity is Equal to Fun

You only need to be able to think creatively and you will be able to find a way out. After all, you do look hot with clothes on. One of the best ways to do it would be to wear a bikini revealing as hell underneath full clothes and then do a strip tease for him followed by a lap dance.

Couple lying in bed

His Clothes and your Body are a Cool Combination

Other than that, you can wear just his shirt or t-shirt; no underwear, no bra but just his t-shirt. This kind of dress up gives a completely different kind of hotness to a girl. Hence, grab his clothes, put them on and slip inside the bed sheet. Look at him with a naughty smile when he comes back and wait for him to pull the sheet off. Surprise surprise! Isn’t that going to be a real fun experience? You can already imagine what will follow and are surely already blushing about it, aren’t you?

Lastly, no clothes are more inviting than a thong or a bikini and hence, if nothing comes to your mind. Don those and get into bed right away!

Summary – This article tells you about how you can completely sweep him off his feet while wearing your clothes in bed.

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