Sexy reasons why you must date a guy from Chennai

Chennai is a hot and conventional city. Hot because of the weather and conventional because of the people. However, if there is something good about this city, it is the Chennai boys. Every city has its set of hot bods but Chennai sets a completely different trend from all other cities. Here are a few really sexy reasons on why you should be a dating a guy from Chennai.

Dark and Sexy

Dark and Sexy

All of us girls have always dreamt of the ideal “Tall, dark and handsome” but though it is easy to find “tall and handsome”, it isn’t easy to find dark. However, if you are in Chennai, you are going to find dark at every step. So, a tall, dark and handsome guy from Chennai will be your trophy. Of course, you don’t have to get a boyfriend just to show off but well, sometimes, you can’t help.

He is Intelligent as Hell

If dark, sexy and tall wasn’t good to go, you are going to be swept off your feet because he is intelligent as well. With all the knowledge that he has, a conversation with him is never going to be boring. After all, an intelligent conversation will turn anyone on the most as compared to anything else. The Chennai guy is where you can hold the most intelligent conversations possible.

Non-Judgemental and Unconventional

He is Non-Judgemental and Unconventional

No, he isn’t going to judge you for wearing that mini-skirt or that really short dress. He will appreciate you and let you be. Moreover, these guys understand modern values and will not stop you from working after marriage. They protect you but at the same time, let you be equal. Isn’t that the best a woman can get? Thus, while he knows he has to protect you from trouble, he also knows that you have your own choices to make and your own life to live.

That Sexy Accent

The south Indian English accent starts sounding hot on a hot Chennai guy. Yes, you are not only going to love it but you are also going to fall for it head over heels. This hot Chennai guy is your best bet when you are looking for sexy. Cool and thick accent, dark yet sexy stature and a real good deal at knowledge. Could you ask for anything better?

Go ahead, grab your irresistible trophy and show it off to the entire world.

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