Smoking while driving banned in Delhi

Smoking on Delhi roads is finally banned. The Delhi High Court on Monday issued an order directing all the drivers to forego smoking while driving. With this High Court order, Delhi has become the first city in the world to impose a ban of such kind.

Delhi roads are buzzing with immense traffic. Anything that distracts the attention of driver is dangerous. The human mind cannot do two things simultaneously. Declaring “New Delhi roads dangerous to human life,” the city’s High Court imposed new measures aimed at deterring habitually bad drivers. The prohibitions include a smoking ban as well as using cell phones while behind the wheel. Monday’s ruling goes into effect on April 9 and only covers New Delhi.

Those caught smoking while driving would pay a fine equivalent to $37, a heavy fine by local standards. buzzing delhi roads 246
Before this, the gravity of offences like rash driving and red-light jumping has lost their impact because of low fines. Now, with such heavy fines, it is hoped that there would be less instances of such reckless driving. Offenders caught more than five times would have their licence revoked. Those involved in red light jumping would pay a fine of $15.

The ruling comes since the accident on Delhi roads have increased at a very fast rate as much as more than 1,900 deaths annually. It is for the first time in 20 years that the traffic laws have been updated. Moreover, this initiative would help check environment pollution to some extent too. And it is hoped that other cities will follow suit.

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