Soldiers, in future, will work as knowledge workers: Kalam says at IMA

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President A P J Abdul Kalam has said to the young 552 gentlemen cadets (GCs), who are joining the armed forces, to be prepare to work with greater responsibilities for technology-driven warfare.

He was delivering the speech to the Cadets at the passing out-parade (POP) at the Indian Military Academy.

said that

the soldiers would have to put eye on the technological advancements as well as on the borders of our country too.

He also said that

the whole future warship would be a network of centric warfare. It would be electronically controlled combined with space, deep sea and ballistic missile encounters.

For this, there will be a need of synergized teamwork with joint services operation and use of land, aerospace and ocean as important war theaters.

He said further that soldiers would have to work as the knowledge workers in future.

He later congratulated the IMA community for its excellent history of trained 45,436 cadets and given 15 Chiefs of Army Staff to the Country.


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