Sunny Leone- We are bored of you!

Sunny leone who started her career long back and had set up her porn star image, is quite a attracting personality but she is no more a display of anything new. What she has, was exposed long ago, while now, there could be nothing more as to attract us.

 sunny leone_Missing Desi Tadka

Missing Desi Tadka-  Well, what Indians demand in women is that Indian authenticity and a fling of Indian style. Which sunny surly lacks, that accent of hers lack what is desired by the crowd. That “tadka” is missing. She is obviously not born n brought up here, but then that’s nothing what we care about, all we want is a sexy Indian women! Only Curves-  She has only curves to flaunt, and tell me if you find anything more. Well, she is truly famous for her sexy figure, for which yes she is praised. But, that doesn’t seems to stand for her popularity in near future. She should try something out of her porn star image at least now.

 sunny leone in her Bollywood acting career

Actor?  I doubt if she is turning out successfully in her Bollywood acting career, because suppose she is given a role of typical Indian housewife, what is going to happen? She is surly going to look crazy with that accent of hers, and always seducing looks, but not in a sari sitting in a village hut for sure. Decency-  Well, she won’t be called the most decent actor ever seen! She just shouldn’t have let the time and things around defame her with commenting. Trying out something better can turn out for her to be interesting and sexy in an even better sense. Thus, she must definitely expand her domain and look for newer avenues. Who knows where she may strike gold! Well, this Canadian glory will turn to be boring if she continues the same trend of hers. Of doing these same A rated movies. So, yeah it’s time enough for her to try an Indian Avatar and look authentic and more than ever attracting. For today, seeing her in bikini walking in beaches, of sleeping in bed, looking hot as ever is so dam not to interesting! Summary- this article is about Sunny Leone must try something out of box to not be just boring.

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