The reasons that account for Indians’ coolness on the matter of flings

India is by far one of the oldest civilizations out there and it is natural that we have a lot of traditions that we have been following for years. Flings as per Indian tradition is not the most popular of ideas but recently people have gotten more open minded about it. Let us discuss the reasons why this has happened.

Indian couple have good exposure to Western Culture

Exposure to Western Culture

This is probably the most important reason that has led to the broad mindedness of the Indian people regarding flings. Western movies which we have grown so fond of since the last 10 years or so have opened the gateway for a lot of different cultural things that people in India have grown to enjoy, indulging in flings is one of them.

People see the advantages of it

Well, we all know why people indulge in flings in the first place. First and the most important reason being the fact that it prevents heart breaks from happening. One might not be experiencing true love when in a fling but he/she sure does enjoy the thrill of it and that is all that matters at that point in time.

spending quality time with the opposite sex

It feeds the jovial nature of people

Who wouldn’t mind spending quality time with the opposite sex? Flings offer people in India who have long longed for such indulgences. Even if it is not sexual people enjoy the chats at romantic spots and the idea of love.

Gives people the freedom for hit and trial

Well, in today’s day and age people tend to fall out of love in a quick span of time. Flings offer people the provision of going quickly from one relationship to other until you have found your true love and that too without any baggage.

As good and fun as flings are, they can prove to be otherwise if one of the involved partners has feelings and the other doesn’t. Flings are not without its evils but if looked after properly they can prove to be quite fun and exciting.

Summary – There is no doubt about the fact that Indians, over the years, have grown cool as far as the topic of flings is concerned. Herein we discuss the reasons why this happened.


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