Sunny Leonne can do better

Sunny Leonne in Bollywood

Sunny Leonne is one hot actress and she has obviously done a lot of intimate scenes. She has graduated from the Canadian porn movies on the Indian Bollywood scene. A hot actress doing intimate scenes isn’t something one sees quite often. There isn’t a thriving porn industry in India so who wouldn’t want to watch Sunny Leonne in a mainstream movie. There aren’t enough actresses out there who are willing to shed it all. Hence, Sunny Leonne is great bait for a lot of directors out there. For, Bollywood is a great market and there are enough opportunities to knock into. She must utilize her beauty and talent properly and thus she will be able to make it big in bollywood in no time. The viewers have already started loving her . It is only a matter of time that she will climb up the ladder of success. She is one of those actresses who are extremely good looking. Apart from this getting foreign beauties to work in bollywood films is the rage these days. So Sunny Leonne must make the most of this opportunity.


There is more to her than Intimacy

There is enough drama of all kind out here. Why then, should an actress like Sunny Leonne be sticking to intimate roles all the time? Shouldn’t we all like to see her getting into main Bollywood? She is definitely become a favourite with a large number of people. From teenagers to adults and a lot of times, even kids like watching Sunny Leonne’s songs. Her movies have been a great hit. Hence, she should definitely be given a chance to do better roles than the ones she is already doing. After all, it isn’t fair that one be getting porn videos every time upon searching for Sunny Leonne.

There is obviously a lot more to her than just that. In order to find a better and more pleasing audience, she needs to find better roles. Roles, that don’t just require her to fake orgasms. She can take Bollywood by storm and she has it in her. She should try something like a children’s film to get out of that typecast roles she keeps getting. That will give her an edge over others in Bollywood. After all, if you can fake an orgasm in public, you can do absolutely anything.

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