Apple Becomes 2nd Largest Seller of Mobiles

California based computer, mp3, and recently mobile phone maker Apple, Inc. has recently surpassed the Canadian smart phone giant RIM (Research In Motion) to become the world’s number one smart-phone seller. Overall, Apple is number two in the…

What Does a Mobile Phone Mean To You?

The mobile phone has become a necessity for all those who can afford it. But what it means is different internally and externally; for some the phone will be a tool to organize their office schedule, to others in the US the phone will simply be a…

Apple Still Strong In Economic Crisis

Apple, Inc. demonstrated its superior products when it released its recent quarterly earnings report. In light of the economic slowdown and the decline in consumer spending, one would have expected a decrease in revenue and profits for Apple. But the.

Laser Guns For Indian Troops

By Ranjan Kumar Amritnidhi,Delhi

India is a victim of International Islamic Terrorism. LASTEC India has developed – “Laser Dazzler” a new type of laser guns for Indian Troops who Sacrifices their lives for the Security of our .

Is modern technology killing relationships?

Modern technology in your hands allows you to keep checks on your partners easily and catch possible infidelity. It also facilitates making new friends, finding old flames, finding new partners, etc., that has the potential to destroy a current…

Kontilo- the lowest price tractor of Assam to be landed soon

GUWAHATI, August 13, 2008

When the Assam Agriculture University has stepped up with their latest Research and Development wing to scan the state’s agricultural feedback and its essentials, a group of energetic technical minds from the Assam…

Are ALIENS a media-generated myth?

Belief in aliens came to a new high when former NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell claimed that aliens exist. The Apollo 14 mission veteran asserts that aliens visited Earth several times, however, the government kept it a secret for 60…

Copyleft vs. Copyright : revolutionising download

Copyleft is a movement which differentiates itself from open sourcing and copyrighting. While the open source idea is to allow free access (”free” as in “freedom”, not as in “free beer”), the danger lies in someone improving it and then…

Mini Electronic Cigarette- latest craze to hit UK

Something is better than nothing! This idiom came to my mind when I read about this news! It seems that the people in UK are getting hooked to this most recent innovation to satisfy his or her craving for a smoke…which apparently looks much healthier.

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