Watch live mysql connections

Below is a very useful command on Linux or Unix to watch your MySql Connection.

watch -n1 mysqladmin proc stat

it will help you know about your MySql real things happening on your server.

Redirect only Home page via .htaccess

If you are running your web server on apache, you can write a single line in .htaccess file for permanent redirection.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/$

Only permanent redirection is suggested even from the SEO point.

Do video games really influence violent behavior?

Repeatedly, video games come under the hammer for promoting crime and violence. Oasis star Noel Gallagher has revived the debate by directly linking recent youth knife crimes in UK to video games. We already have games showing extreme violence. The…

2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur “Speed”

Bentley has announced its latest, a variation of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, with more “Speed”.

While the standard Flying Spur’s power is at 552-hp, this one will kick it up all the way to 600-hp (thanks to lower internal friction),…

iPhone Mania gripping the Indians too!

As the D-day draws near, anticipation in the States is reaching fever pitch, but not to miss the frenzy that the 3-G iPhone is creating in India. Almost every day there is some snippet of information in the Indian newspapers regarding the phone….

The Sims…More Pointless Than Ever

By a show of hands, who here has played The Sims? I see most of you have raised your hands. I’m not too surprised by this outcome. Most people I have talked to have played The Sims, or some sort of expansion they have turned out. The Sims is a bank…

My How-To: Disable GIF Animation in Firefox

If you are running a slower connection or just don’t care for these images, then there is an easy way to disable them. Follow the steps, and you won’t see anything but the first frame of the GIF animation.

1) Open Browser
2a) In address bar (Type:…

My How-To: See Hidden Files Using cmd Prompt

If you are looking for any possible hidden files on your computer, you can use this simple command to help find some.

1) Click Start
2) Click Run (Type: cmd)
3) In command Prompt (Type: dir /ah) (See Note)

Note: If the list is too long enter dir..

My How-To: Access your Computer Without a Password

If you’ve forgotten your password or just misplaced the paper, then you can simply follow these instructions to regain access to your computer so you may use it again without reformatting.

1) Start Your Computer
2) When you get to the boot screen,…

Can biotechnology help solve the food crisis?

The dramatic increase in global food prices by 83% over the past three years has literally brought the world to its knees. Envoys from 26 Latin American and Caribbean countries are meeting today in Caracas, Venezuela to discuss the issue. A three-day.

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