The Sims…More Pointless Than Ever

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By a show of hands, who here has played The Sims? I see most of you have raised your hands. I’m not too surprised by this outcome. Most people I have talked to have played The Sims, or some sort of expansion they have turned out. The Sims is a bank on wheels. They have turned out so many games it isn’t even funny. They have only 2 major games and around 10 expansions that add MAYBE only 25-50 items to the game. This, I think, is total BS. I went to Best Buy looking for some kick ass games and what do I find? I find around 15 feet of The Sims games taking up shelf space that could be used for ACTUAL games.

The Sims game type have come and gone. They were fun at the beginning but have only gotten repetitious. Also of course, Maxis have flooded the market with way too many of the games to make it ever remotely fun to play because once you are half way through they just come out with another expansion. The Sims is a waste of people’s time and more importantly MY time, which I value very highly.

They, Maxis, make me go out and buy a $40 game (base game), then months later they have come out with 3 by now and I see an expansion I actually want. So I go up check the case out and notice I need 2 other expansions just for this one to work. Alright, so I go and check out the other 2 to see them priced at $40 a piece. So now I’m up to $160 just for 2 games that I actually want. Now there are a couple things wrong with this. One being they are expansions! They should only cost maybe $20 or less, especially when they only add a few items. Then the other is that it is total BS to base games off one another like that. The only reason they do this is to make you buy just about every expansion just to get the last, good one.

Alright, I do have to admit though, Sims was a fun and a good buy. I used to play it for hours and hours on end. That is, until I bought Sims 2. I was totally disgusted by the fact that they made that game. Sims 2 was probably the worst game I’ve ever played. It was the exact same thing as the first Sims, you could have “mature” relationships, and the campaigns (on most) made you start with almost impossible odds which made you play for hours and hours on end to find out at the end, “Oh hey, seems I beat it…now what? Oh yeah, NOTHING!”. For those 3 facts, I refuse to buy Sims 3. It does look tempting to just try it out, but Sims 2 was such a let down for me that I just refuse to buy anymore Sims games ever again.


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