Things to know before you buy the Apple Watch

Beginning Friday, April 10, Apple’s premier wearable device was available for pre-order beginning at 12:01am. Scheduled to be shipped from April 24, the Apple Watch can be booked online through the Apple Store or the iOS Apple Store App.

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While, you are drooling over the possibility of laying your hands on the Cupertino Giant’s wearable device, here’s a catch – you are not going to be able to just drop into an Apple Store and try one of the watches readily available (just like in case of other Apple devices). So, how do you get one? Let’s take you through the process:

How much will an Apple Watch cost?


The Apple Watch will be provided in three distinct models – The Apple Watch Sport priced $349, Standard Apple Watch priced at $549, and the Apple Watch Edition with 18 karat gold starts at $10,000. The luxury models (Apple Watch Edition) will be available in select stores, so when making a try-on reservation, be specific if you are looking for the 18-karat gold models.

Booking one through pre-order online

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Thanks to the Apple fanboys and Apple dedicated market– Apple Watch is one of the most talked off gadget in the recent memory. Interestingly then, this is also the only Apple device, which Apple is planning to sell itself, at least initially. By asking consumers to order before the shipping date, Apple says, it’s ensuring that it can provide best possible experience to its customers and also change the mindset of consumers that are bent at queuing outside Apple Stores. In addition to the States, the Apple Watch is available for pre-order in UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

If you are sure of the variant you want, you are best off ordering online. Most of the popular models there will be readily available and will be shipped to you any time after April 24; you can chose to pick your order from the store or it can be delivered at home. The Apple Watch will not be available in stock-pick option.

Walking into the Apple Store

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Beginning April 10 – Apple Store Staff will be available to assist you with choosing the watch. However, you will be required to make an appointment to see a sales representative. The representatives will not be available without an appointment (unless you are lucky and there is a free slot with any of the salesmen).

The appointment will be for 15 minutes, but the customer will be allowed to spend more time in the store (looking and searching for devices). At the store, you will only be allowed to make a choice of the Apple Watch you’d like (Apple Watch will not be available over the counter). To buy one, you will still have to place a per-order online.

Apple is trying a new sales model, handling most of the sales directly. How well it will fair, only time would tell, but there is no denying that millions will sell.

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