Tips for selecting the right home gym equipment

selecting the right home gym equipment

Exercising is a priority for good health, as it boosts your feel-good hormones, and increases your immunity. You have to stay at home mostly these days, but you cannot let your fitness slide. Setting up your own home gym will be advantageous for you now and forever. You can workout at home and stay fit. Check out these tips to help you set up your own gym at home.

Tips for selecting the right home gym equipment 

1. Consider your fitness goals

Consider your fitness goalsBefore choosing your gym equipment, you should think about your fitness goals and how you want to go about it. You might start with cardio and then go onto weight training. Only after committing to yourself should you buy any kind of equipment, otherwise the machines will just languish in your spare room/space. Exercise machines look very attractive due to the product photography in London, or New York or any other place. Buy only what you are going to use and build your home gym gradually, and avoid the urge to splurge. 

2. Budget

fitnessAlso, take your budget into consideration as well as the space. You could set up a small home gym in a corner of a room, with just one small stepper or a treadmill. This is good enough to start with and burn calories and fats.

The price of the equipment can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the features of the machines. Such as motorized/programmable, inbuilt instruments to measure the calories burned, heart rate, time elapsed and more. These measurements are usually not 100% accurate, but might still give you an approx. idea of your workout sessions. When you see the calories you have burnt, you may be motivated enough to continue your workouts!

Best equipment for cardio

1. Stair-steppers

Stair-steppersStair-steppers are great for low-impact workouts which resemble climbing stairs. Some machines have levers which can provide a workout for the arms too. Steppers which have a large platform, have handrails and have independent feet action are best for beginners.

2. Elliptical Trainers

These machines provide an almost impact free workout, and therefore a good choice for those with joint problems, but the motion needs getting used to. 

3. Stationary bicycle

Stationary bicycleThese stationary bikes give a good cardio workout and can fit into the corner of your living room or bedroom. Buy a softer seat to enable longer workouts. 

4. Treadmill

Run and walk indoors on a sturdy treadmill with front rails and emergency stop device. Ideally, the speed as well as grade should be adjustable according to your comfort. 

Best equipment for Strength Training

1. Ankle weights

Ankle weightsThese are great for exercises like the hip extension and side-leg raises. They should be comfortably padded.

2. Hand weights

Start with low weights such as 2 pounds or 5 pounds and add heavier weights according to your instructor.

3. Resistance bands/tubing

Resistance-bands.These two are priced low, lightweight, portable and can be stored easily. Resistance bands and tubing give a whole-body strength workout. You can vary the resistance by varying the positions of your feet and hands.

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