Top Styling Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Styling Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

For many home owners, there comes a time where they must say goodbye to their home, and it’s certainly not a moment that everyone looks forward to. Putting your property on the market can be a bit of a stressful time, with one of the biggest concerns for homeowners being that they might not get what they believe (or hope) their home is worth. If you’re in this position, there are actually a few ways that you can help raise the price of your home to ensure that is better meets your expectations, and it actually doesn’t take too much time or money on your part: styling! In this article, we provide a few great tips to help you style your home better before you make the move to sell.

 Where to start with styling your home

styling your homeThere are countless ways to approach property styling in Sydney, but it’s usually a good idea to only focus on a few avenues to really maximise what you get out of your time. Property styling works to greatly increase the value of a home by demonstrating to a prospective buyer the potential of the space, a process that often demands that homeowners clean slate, which often involves removing personal touches to their home. Creating a blank state is so important due to the simple fact that not everyone will have the same taste as you – rather than showcasing all your nostalgic bits and pieces, demonstrating the potential of the space is what buyers are interested in.

Basically, how they can make it their own, and visualising this is made very difficult when you’ve got your things in the way to prevent that from happening. With this in mind, while you’re showcasing your space you should ensure that any unique or large pieces of furniture are in storage and any eye-catching pieces of art do not remain on the walls. 

More great styling tips to consider

After making sure that your home resembles a blank space for prospective buyers, it’s a great idea to then focus on how large you can make the space seem. After all, who doesn’t like space? This is even more important for property buyers with families, as they already realise how valuable space can be. To achieve this, it is recommended that you have any bulky storage units removed, particularly if the units favour form over function. While you’re at it, make sure to remove anything cluttering up drawers and cupboard space around your home, as any keen buyer may very well start going through these spaces, opening and closing doors to better see the space inside. Considering all the above points, though, don’t make your space completely devoid of things, as this will give it quite an unnatural look. Instead, strategically place aesthetically pleasing things – such as scented candles – on top of furniture to still give the impression it’s a home, not just an empty space. 

Getting the most out of your home

home buyersWhile it might take a bit of practice on your part, ensuring that your home is the most appealing it can be to buyers is the best way to get the highest return possible. Who knows, after a bit of careful management of all of your extraneous bits around the house, you might even realise you didn’t need a lot of it!

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