Top extra maritals from Hollywood

Hollywood oozes romance and extra marital affairs and the rich and famous enjoy their share of this as well. There are some romantic ones that are blossom as true love while other are so not romantics and breaks the hearts of all those involved. Here are some of the famous love triangles in Hollywood:

Brad Pitt meets Jennifer Aniston meets Angelina Jolie:

We spend more time with our co workers then we do with our loves ones, the same can be said for our stars. Such was the case of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Pitt fell head over heels in love with Jolie while working together with her on the sets of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ Things started falling apart between Pitt and Aniston till they eventually split, Aniston had told reports that she did not want to have kids while Jolie and Pitt wanted to start a family together.

Robert Pattinson meets Kristen Stewart meets Rupert Sanders;

Die hard fans of the Twilight series were hurt by this one, which is strange as Pattinson and Stewart were in the lime light for most part of it. Stewart had an affair with director Sanders while on filming her film Snow White and the Huntsman, what makes matters worse is that Sanders was married at the time. He was infatuated with her and went after her. Paparazzi had caught them while they were being intimate within a few hours the whole world found out- including Pattinson and Mrs. Sanders. They had admitted their affair and Sanders is divorced while Pattinson and Stewart got back together.

Julia Roberts meets Danny Moder meets Vera Steinberg:

While filming ‘The Mexican’, Roberts had fallen for Moder who had directed the film and felt that they were meant to be together, even though Moder was married at the time. Roberts had stated that their relationship was complicated, but when wife Vera did not move for divorce, Julia wore a tee shirt in public that said ‘A Low Vera’. Moder and Roberts have married and have two children together.

Dennis Quaid meets Meg Ryan meets Russell Crowe:

Quaid and Ryan were considered to be a Hollywood couple that everyone thought were happy together. So it was a surprise when Ryan fell for Crowe after nine years of marriage on the sets of Proof of Life. Quaid and Ryan separated, at which time Ryan found out that he had been unfaithful too.


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