Is it right for novels to openly describe sex?

All of us like romantic suspense as it can be very entertaining- the books that fall into this genre are full of romance and also have a compelling sense of suspense as well. Most of the books tell a story that has been set in modern times, and so it is pretty obvious that the lead characters will get down and dirty at some point in the plot.

Some writers can masterfully balance out the sensitivity and the raunchiness in their story plots- so when they write out the sex scenes, they have to keep their readers interest and their characters in mind. So their scenes have to be aspirational and realistic and the best way to do this is to take apart each of the mechanics that will take place during the act.

Context is the real key here and the reader, author and even the character need this to make the sex scenes romantic and not cheesy- and that the right vocabulary is applied. Other features that is equally important are the anticipation and the scene setting that makes sex scenes in books more erotic or romantic rather than pornographic in nature.

The reader always want the characters to be passionate in sex scenes, this is way it is so important for the author to use the right words. Is it also fun for authors to write about bad sex as it can some times best the best sex scenes for their readers. This brings them some humor for them as they laugh at the melding squelch and the embarrassment and carnal catastrophes.

Love and sex have always been popular themes in books, each author has their own way or writing about sex and they also determine the degree to which sex screens have been include in their book. Writing about sex in books can’t be bad as it is normal part of life and authors try to be as realistic with their stories and characters as possible. Other books that include very steamy scenes, often go overboard and end up being more pornographic than romantic.

The modern reader is usually not interested in reading cheesy sex scenes as they are unrealistic and can actually ruin a whole story. Authors understand this demand of their readers and in order to be able to sell books they have to cater to what their readers want.


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