Why Fifty Shades Of Grey can mislead the youth

The long awaited film adaptation of the book-Fifty Shades of Grey has been finalized and two little known stars have been chosen to play the lead roles.Charlie Hunnam will play Christina Grey and Dakota Johnson will play Anastasia.

The film will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson but a release date had not yet been finalized. Actress Dakota Johnson has also had various roles in other films like 21 Jump Street, Five Year Engagement and The Social Network. She is also the daughter of Don Johnson who best roles include Miami Vice and Nash Bridges, while her mother is none other than Melanie Griffith.  

Dakota has been chosen as it seems that she fit the role of Anastasia Steele- whose character is very virginal and goes on a journey of sexual discovery.

Charlie Hunnam has only had a lead role in the TV series- Sons of Anarchy and in Pacific Rim. The fifty shades of grey film have been set for release in August 2014, but there are no reports that can conform this.

The film will also star Rita Ora, who will be playing the sister of Christian Grey; the real question is how Focus Features and Universal will market this film. This is one subject that the press release forgot to elaborate on, it had confirmed that Kelly Marcel will be the screen writer but one can assume that the poster for the film will be misleading.

The poster may either make the film look like a Nicholas Sparks romance film or may push the film into the red band trailer route that usually offer the viewers shocking or rude scenes. If Marcel has her way, then Universal may go with the second option as she sees the book as a kind of love story that has a very modern outlook. So it is possible that the film may be released with an NC-17 Rating.

Marcel’s other work also includes Saving Mr. banks, the Terra Nova TV series- but this film will put her on the map and may either make her career or break it. The film is currently gearing up to include swooning melodrama and insane sex-capades from the book.

Universal refuses to comment on the film as they have not yet written a screen play or assigned a rating to it. So one will have to wait till they confirm speculations.

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