Top fashion accessories for 2014

Fashion is created every season or to be rather specific it is created every moment. Fashion is something which evolves with every passing moment according to the desire, taste and preferences of the people. Accessories form an integral part of any attire. Whether it be handbags, watches, jewelery, etc. Here are some of the top fashion accessories which are in trend in 2014.

The List:


Handbags – Handbags by famous brands like Chanel have introduced artful prints into perspective. Painted handbags and bright colored ones are a rage these days. Seller – Clare V , Constance Bag, for $352.
Slightly bigger carry bags are also needed this days for travelling especially for those who travel mostly alone. Seller – Mi Pac, Duffle Bag, $52.40. Bags are available in multiple designs, sizes and colors . you just have to make the choice and then it will be all yours. You can flaunt it along with your outfit and earn rave reviews about your fashion quotient.

Necklaces – Necklaces are never out of fashion. Jewelers are always engrossed in making and manufacturing new designs and patterns to attract customers. Seller – Trademark, Kiss Lock Necklace, for $188. A pretty necklace is enough to make any outfit look all the more beautiful. Each person you come across is sure to compliment you about this.


Shoes – High heels are is the new trend. Renowned brands are designing and manufacturing shoes with high heels which provide great comfort and you can walk in them all day without shrieking in pain. Seller – ALDO Pekny, for $90. Gianvito Rossi, Closed Toe, for $760.
Sandals are also in trend these days. Sandals are comfortable in the summer season and the rainy season. Seller – Rollie, The Huarache Chukka, $210. Shoes can make or break a look. Remember to wear the right kind of footwear with your shoes.

Wallets – Wallets or purses are an integral of any attire. Almost 9 out of every 10 persons use a wallet. So, they are a part of everyday life and we feel to change it often and to make a new fashion statement with it. Seller – Shinola, Leather Three Zip Wallet, $210.

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Earrings –From age old days to the modern era these accessory hasn’t lost its touch. Maybe their shape, form and style have changed but earrings are always a part of any girl or woman we notice. Seller – Vale Jewelry, Earring Chain, for $60.

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