Wedding Fashion Trends 2014 – For Women

Just when you thought wedding fashion was getting riskier, along came the bridal shows reinforcing the notion that when comes the big day, most brides can make a statement.

From over-the-top A-line dresses to sparkling mermaid prints, and Great Gatsby-inspired gowns, this year’s trending dresses have something for everyone.

And it would be folly to assume that everything is white: there are surprises sure to delight the nontraditional advocates, as well, such as pink dresses.

Also, you will find bag, shoes, hosiery, and jewelry pieces to suit your style statement. Here are the top wedding fashion trends for the year:

Wedding Dresses

Bare Backs

Looks like the brassieres will be going out the window. Designers have taken a backward plunge lately with draped, open backs making sure your skin is ready for exposure. Toning your muscles and exfoliating the back skin with gleaming body moisturizer will add the finishing touch to the appearance of this dress. Lose the bra hours before on the special day if you’re going backless; you wouldn’t want phantom straps ruining the view.



Sexy, A-line dresses in heavy bias charmeuses and silk crepes cut the perfect look for a wedding occasion. A-line wedding dress photos at Wedding Wire show off several ways to top of this trend. Additionally, A-line wedding dresses are available in several colors including pure white and pure silver. The flare from the dress and the way it will expose your legs will help in making sure you look taller on the big day than you actually are.


Tulle dresses comprise of lightweight netting. It’s essentially the stuff of big fur ball skirts and underpinnings that add volume, but the trend also went transformation recently and now includes narrow shapes draped in fully-fashioned tulle. Light tulle layers flowing over gowns are appearing as capes for big wedding moments. Tulle wedding dresses will work wonders for you for all the mystery they cover and uncover with transparency.


Bare a shoulder

Wedding designers are increasingly channeling the Donna Karan cold shoulder dress from the 80’s, giving brides the confidence to expose their sexy shoulder(s). Some bare-the-shoulder looks are modest with necklines hitting the tip of the bone to expose some skin, while others are defined gravity. However, you will only flatter when you flash the shoulder skin with this look.

Wedding Accessories

Floral headpieces

Designers notify floral headpieces as the new rage for the modern wedding. They make sure you have greater options to wear on your wedding day than just the traditional veil. Floral headpieces are being considered a good option because they can be worn at the ceremony and at the reception. Also, they help in securing the hair-do and require little maintenance. The ones with added jewels can hide the slight imperfections in your wedding day hairstyle.


Chandelier earrings

Many designers have decided to skip the necklace this time and have added chandelier earrings to promote a sleek look. Try going for the one that matches the color of your bridal bouquet flowers (but avoid matching with the embellishments of your wedding dress). Or opt for the roaring 20-inspired earrings for a fresh bridal look.

Sparkle shoes

Simple satin shoes are out of the picture. A modern bride’s shoe should sparkle all-over with artistically placed crystals. Those who prefer less sparkle can select sparkle on the heel, which still adds a certain amount of glitz for adorning the heels in stilettos.

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