Top five Hindi movies every politician in India needs to watch

In most of the general elections in India, there is mud-slinging, political drama and changeovers. This year has been same and Lok Sabha elections have seen it all right from the onset. However, political parties and politicians are simply ignoring welfare of people. In fact, very few politicians addressed serious issues that the nation is fighting against at the moment. In the following section, we will look at five movies that we think all politicians should watch and aptly highlight the present political situation in the country.



This movie was about reservation for students of different communities and effect it has on students. Many good students are unable to get into colleges due to this reservation system and have to face a lot of struggle. It is a must-watch for politicians to get an idea of how their decisions can affect lives of citizens of their country.


Peepli Live

During present election campaigns, most political parties and politicians forgot about the plight of farmers and farmer suicides in India. This movie is actually a satirical comedy about a farmer doing his best to save his farmland. In the movie, the farmer finally loses his land and does not receive any compensation for the same. Our politicians must see the movie to judge the seriousness of this issue.



This movie is made depicting the communal riots that took place in Godhra. The movie is about a boy lost during riots and the struggle of the family to find him. Politicians have a few lessons to learn from this movie and know how their communally motivated decisions could spoil lives.



This movie is about the Hundu-Muslim spilt in the country. In the movie, people of Muslim community burn a woman alive as she was leaving out of a Church. Earlier in her life, she was not allowed to marry a Hindu boy due to this same Hindu-Muslim divide in the country. Politicians nowadays bank of this divide for their votes and if they really want to bring any change, then movie will be a great lesson for them.


A Wednesday

Terrorism has been a major problem for India and the story of this movie revolves around this central theme. The main character in this movie attempts to take law in his hands and punish the terrorists who are responsible for many killings. Our politicians can learn a lot from this movie and start taking more stern actions against terrorism.

Thus as we can see these movies depict different real life situations that common people in India are going through. If they learn some lessons from these movies and implement them in real life, it will do a lot of good to the country.

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