What we learnt from the election campaigns this year?

Another year of elections has gone by and there were winners and there losers; this is an essential step in any democratic nation where the people choose their leaders who then take up an office in administrative based solely on a majority of votes.

The people use the past elections to show them what to do next when voting for a new leader; we assess the entire personality and opinion of the individual that we are voting for. We also judge the kind of goals each politician has set for their party and themselves and take a closer look at the essential questions concerning the various projects that have been taken up by the governing party.

While only the experts can fully asses the correct outcomes of these aims and campaigns, there are certain things that the common voters can use to assess election campaigns and the objectives set by politicians before they decide who to vote for:

Over view:

Fully assess the politician’s campaign from top to bottom and determine if  you like what you see, assess how the politicians run their campaigns as this is a true measure of how he would run an office of state and the strategies that they would later apply.

Analyze campaign ads;

Listen closely to the messages that are being propagated- ‘are these ideas democratic’, ‘do they hurt sentiments’, do they appeal to general public?’ are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Campaign strategy research:

Assess the strategies being employed by the politicians, are they well planned to actively help citizens or are they simply targeted at people’s votes. You can determine the effectiveness of campaigns by doing this to determine if the politician will win or lose. You can examine their fund raising capabilities, developments on war and other political issues.

Maintain campaign resources:

Look for videos, commercials, web sites, interactive media about the current political scene and campaigns. These will keep you informed about all the latest developments and you can stay updated on what the politicians are doing. Each of their actins during campaigns is a test of what can be expected from them once they are elected.

Public addressals:

These are the best way to determine who you will vote for- try to listen to the debates, campaign speeches, internet and televisions specials as politicians directly tell the public what the want them to hear.

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