Top international sexual scandals of all times

Sex scandals have been rampant in the last three yeas, before this there were very few scandals and when they did occur, they were always covered or hushed up in some way or the other. Take for example, the alleged affair between Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, while many assume that there was some tension there and perhaps even more, there is no real evident to support this theory-hence the term ‘alleged’. There is countless number of scandals in different fields and many of them involve big names in some pretty risqué situations.



The biggest sex scandal that built up interest of people and media in such things would be the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. This was one that rocked the entire country as he was the president of the US and one that cost him his career.

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Russian Rumors

Another big affair we report took place all the way in Russia. When photos of Yury Skuratov, the then Prosecutor General in the company of two prostitutes, was splashed across a news television channel that was controlled by the state some time back in march 1999. Skuratov was placed in charge of curbing corruption across many of the national and political spheres and had rubbished these claims but was dismissed from his post.


Kahn Story

Coming down to ore recent times, the biggest scandal was that of Dominique Strauss Kahn. The esteemed head of the IMF had to resign after a hotel house cleaner had told the media that he had sexually assaulted her. Following this incident, many others have also come forward. The former IMF head is now in prison.


More To Come

Anthony Weiner, a New York Congressman had found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time; he had actually intended to send sexually explicit photos of himself to a woman that he was interested in using Twitter but had instead accidentally sent it to his public profile, so thousands of people had received these photos. What made matters worse is that he was married and that his wife was expecting a child, so he was left with no other choice then to resign.

Another very big scandal or scandals rather was that of Silvio Berlusconi, the former PM of Italy; he was under investigation for hiring under age prostitutes and was also arrested for arranging parties with these women.

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