Top Movies that Saw Men Being Dominated by Female Leads- Hollywood

Hollywood movie makers at one point of time were skeptical of endowing their female leads with meatier roles than their male counterparts, fearing their films may not fair well with audiences shunning the idea of a more dominant heroine. However, the recent times have witnessed a number of films carving out powerful characters for women which have turned out to be immensely successful and which have won the heroines several accolades for their impeccable performances. Here are some top movies which saw female protagonists rule over their male heroes.


Harold and Maude: Young Harold is suffering from dwindling emotions and his mental doldrums leads him to attempt suicide. However, he finds solace and reasons to live life and embrace its positive aspects when he comes in contact with Maude a powerful, optimistic lady, much older to him in age but exuding a character full of life and vibrancy with streaks of eccentricity. Veteran actress Ruth Gordon excels in her portrayal of Maude as she gradually imbues the positivity of all things around in Harold.


Misery: In a performance par excellence Kathy Bates proves to the world that women do have the power and talent to supersede their heroes in her role as Annie Wilkes in Misery. Kathy plays a nurse who is inherently a psychotic depicting fan obsession and who nurses a novelist only to break both of his legs and compelling him to write on her favorite character who must not die. The heinous scene where Kathy as Annie breaks the novelist’s limbs truly brings out the actress’s clout beautifully captured and presented by Rob Reiner, the Director.


Basic Instinct: Well, no one can deny the power and precision of Catherine Tramelle of Basic Instinct with her perfectly planned seductive murders through equally meticulous ways of assassination. No young boy can resist her charm and she is sure to lure every man out there to fall a prey to her trap gradually seducing them and endowing their mind and soul with amazing sexual experiences followed by gory murderous acts.


Catching Fire and Gravity: Gone are the days when sci-fi films were considered best accomplished and essayed by male leads. With the recent success of films like Catching Fire and Gravity both of which have a female protagonist donning a scientific garb has led many makers to think otherwise. While the former turned out to be the highest-grossing movie released during the Thanksgiving holidays touching a whopping $110.2 million, the latter having Sandra Bullock as the female lead had a gross earning of $615.5 million across the globe.

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