Top Reasons Why Guys Can be Horrible to Go Shopping With

A girl loves to shop. However, the same cannot be said about guys. Guys usually do not go shopping and send their moms or girlfriends to do the same. Moreover, they find the whole exercise of shopping very tiring. It is best to not go shopping with them. Here are a few reasons that tell you that you should totally be avoiding going shopping with a guy –don't - don't

Their Shopping Patterns are Different

A guy will not really go and check out every other shop to get something for himself. He will buy whatever he can lay his hands upon but the same cannot be said for a girl. She would like to check out each and every shop to find something for herself. Hence, a guy and a girl shopping together are never going to be an ideal pair. Moreover, they are never going to be an ideal pair because they will never fall for each other’s shopping patterns.

The Games Floor Addiction

Guys usually want to get done with work quickly and then head to the games floor. There is no better way of doing this than buying whatever they want in as less time as possible. Girls aren’t addicted to games and give 2 hoots about the games floor. Girls simply wish to shop. Hence, if the guy and the girl are shopping together, they are going to make a horrible pair of shoppers. It is best to leave each to his or her own.


Difference of Choices

Needless to say, the choices of girls and boys are very different. There is hardly any chance of them liking each other’s choices. There is going to be lot of fighting over what is better and hence, it is best to avoid taking a guy along and shop on your own.

They are Disinterested

Guys are hardly ever interested in shopping. They simply tag along for the heck of it and hence, it gets very boring and irritating to shop with them.

Thus, there are more than enough reasons that tell you how horrible it can be going shopping with a guy.

Summary – This article is about why a guy would be horrible company to go shopping with and hence, it should be avoided.

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